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What is the "Good Stock Library"?

Good Stock Library is a professional stock footage and archival services website specializing in exclusive, premium quality wildlife, nature, environmental and cultural footage as well as sound effects and music for all applications, including projects for broadcast, multimedia exhibits and displays, marketing and institutional use. As part of our ‘Good Work’ philosophy, all media assets in our library have been collected with integrity and respect to the animals, people and environments in which they were created.

I can't save or download

You must be logged in to save clips or download comps (watermarked clips you can try in your project). For broader access ideal for broadcasters, agencies and studios please contact us at sales@goodstocklibrary.com.

Can I get a volume or bulk discount?

Discounts are offered on volume purchases. We can customize a package to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.

Why should I register?

Good Stock is free and fun to browse, but if you'd like to save and organize your favourite clips, create packages or purchase you'll need to register.

Do you provide discounts to non-profits?

Yes, as part of our Good Works philosophy we offer a 15% discount to non-profits. We also offer production services for non-profits and charities. Contact us for more information on services, discounts and partnerships.

Can I get a comp without a watermark?

No. Watermarks are removed by our system only once you have licensed and purchased the clip.

Which forms of payment can I use?

Our site accepts all major credit cards. We do not accept PayPal at this time.


What's the difference between Royalty Free or Rights Managed?

The copyright holder has chosen whether a clip is offered as Royalty Free or Rights Managed. Royalty-free licenses usually apply to more generic clips and allow for it to be used multiple times without additional license fees. Rights-managed licenses are granted for a single, specified production, commercial or campaign. The terms are specific to the broadcaster or type of use, territory of distribution and duration. Please contact us all information on Rights Managed content.

Tell me about licensing

Licenses are granted based on your project, audience reach, distribution methods, territory, and duration. Clips are available with a Rights Managed or Royalty Free license.

How can I tell if content is Royalty Free or Rights Managed

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